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CommandEarTake COMMAND
The CommandEar™ is the next generation in sound amplification. Use the CommandEar™ to hear sound up to 100 yards away. The stereo sound provides you with 360° awareness of sound direction with the clearest sound amplification available. It also features the latest high-tech amplification with our industry exclusive 3-band equalizer for custom tone selection.

The CommandEar™ amplifies sound by 40 decibels using 2 AAA batteries that last 100 hours. The dual wind resistant microphones provide you with stereo sound giving you the most natural sense of hearing. A balance volume control allows you to adjust for hearing differences in each ear. Weighing in at only 7.6 ounces, the lowprofile and lightweight design of the CommandEar™ make it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Law Enforcement professionals will appreciate the amplification of the CommandEar™ for surveillance, hostage situations, search and rescue operations and much more. The CommandEar™ is perfect for deer and turkey hunters, allowing sportsmen to hear and locate sounds before seeing the origin of the noise. Birdwatchers will enjoy the CommandEar™ for its easy portability and high quality sound.


  • 3-BAND EQUALIZER allows you to focus on specific sounds. With a Bass, Mid-tone, and Treble you can turn down the distracting background noise and turn up those conversations, bird calls, and other high frequency sounds. The only one on the market that can be adjusted while in use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & LOW PROFILE DESIGN assures maximum comfort for all day wear. Listen in comfort with your choice of interchangeable miniature 2" ear cushions or our sculpted air/foam full size ear cushions.
  • STEREO sound provides 360 degree awareness of sounds' direction.
  • TWO POWER SETTINGS to protect you from loud sounds:

LMT = loud sounds are heard at 70 decibels while soft sounds are continuously being amplified so every sound is heard.
MAX = an automatic shut-off circuit shuts off sounds over 95 decibels.

  • BALANCE VOLUME CONTROL allows you to select best amplification for each ear so you can adjust for individual hearing differences.
  • OUTPUT JACK to record what you hear.
  • INPUT JACK to listen to a radio while monitoring surrounding sounds.
  • AVAILABLE in two colors: Black or Forest Green.
  • OPERATES on 2 AAA batteries for 100 hours of continuous use.
  • FOLDS flat for easy storage.
  • Total product weight 7.6 oz
 CommandEar diagram